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I have made this blog especially for my final major project in uni...i wanted to do it seperatly to my other one because thats for more personal and fun drawings where this one is for my proper work :D

Friday, 18 December 2009


this is my other animatic.... theres a young boy who has night terrors and hes not sleeping his mum tries to help him by getting a night light but this creates more monsters because of the shapes that are created by the light, he tries sleeping again and this time his mum gives him a comic book about a super hero who can defeat monsters, he hold the comic desperatly hoping this will stop the monster from trying to get him, at first he seems to be getting attacked again in his dreams but then the hero appears and helps him to fight them off. and thats the basic story i created, i may change it a little well have to see how it develops i guesss :D oh and therefore if you didnt guess this is the story that i have decided to continue with.....i like both of these stories but this one just seems more fun to design for....think ill give the other one a go in the summer maybe.

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