...final major project...

I have made this blog especially for my final major project in uni...i wanted to do it seperatly to my other one because thats for more personal and fun drawings where this one is for my proper work :D

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

...the first draft....

Once I had my stock of characters, and had decided on my finished story I started animating on flash, saly im having probems getting my animatics to upload so I have had to pop up some stills from the progressive animatics. I decided I was going to go through the whole film complting it to a certain standard everytime so I could get everything finished to the same standard. my first run through was placing the most up to date background i had and popped rough aniamtion on top of these, the rough animation was just drawn straight into flash. I basically planned were everything was going to be the the duration of the scenes.

so i didnt get confused with the different parts of the animation i did them in different colours, i only added minimal detail, e.g the eye line and some mouth movement, i was concnetrating on the movement of the body, i did the blanket as a block colour to see what it would overlay.

the scene that had two colours were seperated by using different colours, all the characters had a small amount of detail added to them, the overlays also havnt been added as i was seeing were the charactaers and any abjects would be placed withing the scene.

...i left the monster as rough line work becuase I wasnt sure if they were going to be more like characters  or if i was goin to make them like shadows, i also figured out the positions of their mouths, and the placing of them in comparsion to the character they were interacting with.

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