...final major project...

I have made this blog especially for my final major project in uni...i wanted to do it seperatly to my other one because thats for more personal and fun drawings where this one is for my proper work :D

Sunday, 4 April 2010

...some backgrounds....

these are some of my backgrounds for my film..thse are only a few not gunna put em all up coz there no need. this is one of the shots when the monster is creeping around the bed.

this is the bedroom where most of my film takes place, hehe i quite like this hot had a bit of trouble with the window but its ok now :D i like doing things with strange persepective iv noticed i keep doing this :D
this is the window shot for when the hero arrive...light will be shining through the window so hero loooks all fully awesome and stuff :D
amy is lighting these background and adding depth to them so they look even cooler than this hehe :D

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