...final major project...

I have made this blog especially for my final major project in uni...i wanted to do it seperatly to my other one because thats for more personal and fun drawings where this one is for my proper work :D

Sunday, 31 January 2010

...development of the characters as a whole.....

I did the outline characters page and decided to develop the character as a group, i looked at how their silouettes worked, this was really successful, you can tell the difference between the good and evil characters, the good ones have all rounded edges and the monster have sharp edges on their hands and are more pointy.
I took the  textured pieces I did for the individual characters  and put them together to see how they looked, this workd realy well, i think the colours work nicely aswel . It would be nice to maybe incorrperate the fabric effect on my final piece with the monsters.
These are the basic colours i chose for the characters. i may change the colour of the hero slightly becasue it looks a but sharp, you can see this easier when all the charactersa are put together.
This is the basic construction of the characters that I will use when im animating them.

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